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The 14 Best City Builder Games You Should Play in 2019

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Do you like City Builder Games where you can design amazing cities, communities and settlements?

These type of games are the perfect way to express yourself and be creative, sometimes without restriction. City management games or general management games on the other hand let you manage everything, whether it’s a city, a business or  any kind of system.

It is also very similar to strategy games, but the main difference is that in city builder games or management games your success is not physical survival, but more financial survival.

The main goal is to make money and reach your goals. Most city building simulators have a sandbox mode meaning you can build with an unlimited budget and don’t have to worry about balancing your finances.

These type of games also give you problems to solve, whether it is traffic related or managing your resources, it is always fun to come up with a solution. Build bigger, better and become virtually rich! Here is a list of the best City Builder Games and Management Games you can play!

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The Best City Builder Games


1. Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is the ultimate city builder game you can play right now.

It has so many possibilities and features for players to create their dream city. Cities Skylines challenges the player’s management and creative skills, whether you play with money or in sandbox mode.

In the beginning of every city create you will experience the need to expand quickly and get more people to move there. Until… traffic becomes a problem!

That is one of the main challenges in the game, to find innovative way to solve traffic and expansion problems. Traffic management, policies, taxation, infrastructure planning, resources, city connections ect. are only a few things you’ll manage during the game.

It also has massive modding capabilities and a big community with a number of awesome DLC content, so customization is virtually unlimited. What are you waiting for, the people want to move in.

Don’t miss the latest DLC, Industries, which is definitely one of the best!

Find it here – Industries DLC

Get building!


Where to buy:


2. Tropico 5

When you are looking for a fun city builder game that is not too serious, the Tropico series might just be perfect for you.

You are taking the role of mayor on your own little island, build a community from the ground, manage resources, politics, trade and much more.

Tropico 5 is a very fun game and you can play it in a variety of ways with several outcomes by implementing different policies. You can choose to be good mayor, being in everyone’s good books, or make policies that will benefit only you and leave everyone else in the wake.

The best way to start would possibly be to balance out your policies to learn more about the game mechanics and know what you can and cannot do. Politics are playing a major role in the game and can work against or for you, whether it is trade, revolts or military actions.

But ultimately, you are the major and the choice of how to rule is up to you.

So go and create a economy that your virtual people will be proud of!


Where to buy:


3. Banished

Banished is a city building strategy game that lets you build and manage an isolated society. You literally start with nothing except a few people to control.

The main goal of this village building game is to develop a sustaining settlement for your people to survive through the various conditions.

It sounds easy enough right, but the thing is people will die if they are not fed or warm enough in the Winter.

You should order them to build, gather, farm and mine to keep your people alive. Banished has all the seasons where you will face challenges during each. For example, in Spring and Summer you need to grow food and gather wood to build houses and have enough firewood.

During Autumn and Winter, people will die if they are not warmed from fire and starve if they run out of food. The game has a few complex systems to understand and overcome before you can really build a large town, but it’s worth every minute.

If you like a real challenge and want to build your own little settlement, Banished is a great game to play.

It’s time to gather some firewood for the Winter!


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames


4. ANNO 2205

The ANNO Series has the ultimate blend between being a city builder and a city management game while you play through an interesting campaign.

ANNO 2205 is no different.

You will build multiple colonies and manage them on various planets, each with its own unique challenges. Whether it is satisfying your tech savvy population, keeping up with mining enough resources to create manufacturing or dealing with environmental issues on the different planets.

The main focus, other than the story you’ll play through, is on extracting resources, manufacturing products, upgrading your settlements and ultimately to make more money.

ANNO has visited a few different eras, both historical and future, each giving you a rich story which will give you hours of playtime.

My ultimate favorite was ANNO 1404. What was yours?


Where to buy:


5. Surviving Mars

From the same publisher’s as Cities Skylines, Surviving Mars is another challenging builder.

It is more focused around colony building and survival the different conditions than your usual city builders. Your mission is to build a sustainable settlement on Mars and survive the challenges that is thrown at you.

Being on Mars, there are a lot of factors that can affect the way you build your city which is really fun when you start to understand what needs to happen.

Surviving Mars has a lot of exciting gameplay, challenging environments and many customization to enjoy.

If you like a good colony builder game, this will be perfect for you.


Where to buy:


6. Frostpunk

The end of our civilization as we know it came fast during the 19th Century, which was supposed to be the peak of human achievement.

Frostpunk is a survival city building game that puts you in charge of managing the last city on earth. With a great story and many different ways to play it, you are fighting to survive while its your duty to manage both the people and the infrastructure.

There are many things that plays together, from workers, resources, building strategy, politics and much more.

What decisions will you make to ensure the survival of the human race?

You must do whatever it takes, just survive!


Where to buy:


7. Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a city building game for PC, Xbox and Playstation. You find yourself on Aven Prime, an alien planet several light years from earth, where you need to build a new human colony and survive the conditions.

Like many city builder games, Aven Colony has a lot of challenges in store for you to overcome like the management of resources, environmental factors and the aliens themselves. It can be quite a hard game at first, but when you get into the phase where you know how to balance everything it can be great.

In order to keep your people alive, you need to mine resources, set up defenses and do research in order to overcome some of the challenges you may face. One moment the sun can be shining and the next moment a giant sandstorm approaches to blow everything away.

There are also a variety of different aliens that can attack your colony, from plague spores, hovering guardians and cultist airships. You can defend against attacks by building defensive buildings and do research to improve them.

With all that going on, you will also have to deal with and balance the morale of the people in your colony, as they will hold elections and can vote you out if you don’t take care of their needs. These can be things like crime, food supplies, living conditions, social policies and more.

There are also the option to expand your colony into sub-colonies and grow your population. That is a whole other challenge on it’s own.

Aven Colony can be really challenging at times, but offers you the satisfaction when you keep going.

Go save your people and build your settlement on a totally unknown planet.


Where to buy:


8. Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is extremely similar to Banished I listed earlier, just with a few more advanced features like the management systems and graphical enhancements.

The key is to build your settlement from nothing with a few peasants, by gathering, harvesting, mining and a lot more.

The setting is in the medieval time with a realistic world, famine, disease and harsh winters. The game has a dynamic ecosystem with changing weather and the world you play on is randomly generated which gives you a unique experience for every town you build.

Life is Feudal is a great game to relax and not take everything too serious, so do you have what it takes to build your own medieval settlement?


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames


9. Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry is a complex strategy game in which you are the CEO of your own blossoming company – building an industrial empire that produces and delivers essential products to a growing population

Gather resources by building farms, mines, oil and gas wells and many more.

From the most basic materials there will be a wide range of products you can manufacture and ship to towns.

Keep the economy moving and keep the masses’ needs fulfilled.

Facilitate the transportation of both raw and finished products at every stage of production with the help of roadways, trucks, trains, ships, and even zeppelins.

Each mode of travel has its own advantages and drawbacks, and it’s up to you to sort the logistic puzzle.

Rise of Industry is complex enough to keep you entertained for hours and the development team seem to be very active and trustworthy.

So if you love complex strategy game and building your own successful business sounds good then Rise of Industry is a game for you!


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames


10. Simcity Complete Edition


Where to buy:


11. Stonehearth


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames


12. Kingdoms and Castles


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames



13. Urban Empire


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames


14. Cities in Motion 2


Where to buy:

best city builder games - nochgames



What is your favorite city builder game? Did I miss one?

Share it in the comments!

Now that you have a long list of great city builder games to choose from, you can be sure to have hours of fun! I listed the best city simulation games you can still play in 2019.

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    You can try Stonehearth too!

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      Great thanks! I will definitely check it out.

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    You missed Rimworld….

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    Huge fan of the Anno series. The newest one comes out in April – cannot wait! 1503 was my first and fav! Also, Tropico 6 comes out in March. Looking forward to it too!

    Thanks for sharing the list. Looking for something to hold me over until the new releases.

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